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The Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management

In 2020, the responsibility for the provision of services and their connected real estate assets will be transferred to the new counties. The Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management (Maakuntien tilakeskus Oy) is a national service centre established as part of the regional government, health and social services reform. The Centre is tasked with the management of all future real estate needs of the counties from special health care and social services facilities to health centres, rescue stations and offices.

The clients of the Centre will be the 18 counties that will be formed in the regional government reform. The Centre will lease its facilities to the counties and be responsible for the maintenance of properties transferred under its ownership. The Centre is tasked with the maintenance of properties and facilities in order to preserve their condition, value, functionality, safety, and habitability. The Centre will also cooperate closely with the counties’ operators to provide needs assessments for construction projects and will oversee the implementation of the projects.

In addition to leasing its owned facilities, the Centre will sublease facilities owned by the municipalities to the counties and provide separately agreed expert and real estate services.

We want to offer our clients the best public sector real estate management expertise in the leasing, construction, maintenance, and development of facilities. We assist our clients in finding cost-efficient and modern operating methods for the facilities. Thanks to our nationwide operations, we will be able to promote the adoption of sound practices.

The Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management was founded in January 2017 as a subsidiary company of Senate Properties and currently operates on its funding. During the founding stage, the company will employ a few dozen people.

After the regional government reform on 1 January 2020, ownership of the company will be transferred to the counties and it will establish service centres in each county. The administrative and maintenance personnel of the counties’ properties will transfer to the company with their existing employment conditions, increasing the staff to some 1,200 employees. The majority, i.e. some 800 employees, will be working in maintenance.

Most of the properties to be transferred to the Centre’s ownership are currently owned by hospital and special care districts. The facilities of primary health care, social services and rescue services are primarily owned by municipalities and subleased by the Centre to the counties.